Handmade camilla aroma wax tablet (White Flower)

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About 80g natural soybean wax and beeswax

Magnolia and peony essential oil imported from the United States

Manufacturer: LUNA Candle Studio

Place it in the closet, draw the cabinet, and use the car as a diffuser

The scent is maintained for at least 3 months

The aroma of scented candles can not only relax, but also add atmosphere to the space and create a sense of ritual for life. It is a simple and beautiful decoration.

3 key points to play scented candles:

Ignite and extinguish
You must pay attention to the safety of the environment before lighting candles, and make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby. Also, avoid placing the candle in the air vent position, otherwise the flame will be blown to the left and swing right by the wind, causing uneven wax surface and even affecting the spread of fragrance. As for extinguishing the candle, do not blow it out with your mouth, as this will cause black smoke and burnt odor. The flame should be covered with a candle cover to isolate the flame from the air and then go out.

Ignition time
Every time you light a scented candle, you must wait for the entire wax surface to melt before it can be extinguished. This can ensure that the surface of the candle remains flat, otherwise the wax that has not been burnt will not be burned again next time, which will cause waste. When the candle is lit for the first time, it will take at least 2-3 hours to burn the whole layer.

Rescue the lost candle
If the scented candle loses its aroma, you can first try to burn the candle in a smaller space, such as a bathroom or bedroom, and try to burn it for a while.

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Handmade camilla aroma wax tablet (White Flower)
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