1. The Better Self, The Better Life (Part 2)

    We argue that being a better self is the most important step to achieve a better life in the previous article. However, what makes a better self to achieve a better life?

    The most important reason for taking care of ourselves is to maintain our health. Keeping our skin clean and moisture helps prevent related diseases such as acne, allergy and eczema. It can be said that health makes up a large part of a good life. There are some body caring products that contain other health functions besides protecting our skin. For example, Shop No.16 Ginger to Drive Wind and Cold Shampoo adds neutral  ginger essence which not only cleans our scalp deeply, but also advances blood circulation, helping prevent the problem of hair loss. According to the theory in traditional Chinese Medicine, ginger can also help people to get rid of coldness

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  2. The Better Self, The Better Life (Part1)

    The Better Self, The Better Life (Part1)

    Have you ever thought about how to achieve a better life?  By earning more money? By making more friends? We would suggest that the most important way to achieve a better life is to be a better self. 

    For the question how to be a better self, we think that the first time is to take care of ourselves whenever. No matter the practise of hygiene or the cleaness of appearance,our most perfect sides  are always ready to show up. Moreover, we also need to choose “the best” for ourselves. Not only with the best effects. but also the most suitable and the most protective. Loving yourself is the best way to be a better self. 

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  3. A Few Tips to ​​Improve Your Living Environment

    In the past two years, there have been fewer gatherings and outings and we even work by staying at home. We used to think that home is just a venue to sleep or just an intermediate stop of our busy lives. However, with the outbreak of disease, we stay at home for a much longer time. No matter the desire for entertainment and work, we try to finish them in this space. 

    When we stay at home for a longer time, we may think about how to improve the quality of the surrounding environment. How about using different electrical appliances to help us construct a better home?

    1. UV-C Desk Lamp-- Although it seems to be easy to keep the house clean, the importance cannot
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  4. Smart home appliance users let you sleep a few more minutes each morning

    Every little detail in modern home life seems ordinary, but when you think about it carefully, every product is actually playing a big role, saving you a lot of time. It is as common as the electric kettle (automatic power-off function is safe and saves time), washing machine (saving the labor of washing clothes by hand) and vacuum cleaner (easy to clean every corner) and so on.

    In the era of constant emphasis on "time is money", time saved is like extra money earned. Since smart homes have begun to spread, a variety of home appliances that keep pace with the times have brought time saving and quality of life to a new level. In addition to the basic home appliances mentioned above, a variety of more convenient home appliance tools have been developed in recent years, such as the sweeping robot that vacuums and mops the floor at

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  5. Lacasa gives you a brand new fast-shopping experience

    Lacasa creates a simple and fast shopping process for customers who cherish time, in order to meet consumers' needs and aesthetic satisfaction immediately. Achieving emotional satisfaction also meets the emotional cost of consumers and meets their spiritual needs.

    The products selected by Lacasa for customers are not only practical, but also beautiful and elegant, making your home full of life aesthetics. Be proud when greeting relatives and friends, and you can also highlight and show your personal taste in life through home furnishings and decorations. The use of elegant home appliances can also increase the sense of ritual in life. Especially now that I have more time to stay at home, I need more beauty in my daily life to reduce the long-term depressed feeling at home.

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  6. An inch of time is worth an inch of gold. Seize the time and reduce comparison

    Economics points out that in the process of buying a product, customers need to make many considerations and calculate various purchase costs, including monetary cost, emotional cost, time cost, and physical and mental cost and various costs have different values for each customer.

    Money cost

     It is easy to understand that the money cost is the price of the goods. 

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